We think about the best product selection and quality.
We make the sales floor fun!

We want our customers to keep coming back to find new discoveries. We are able to do so because Tokiwa Shokai is both a wholesale and manufacturing company.

To keep prices affordable and attractive to customers, it is essential to minimize distribution costs. Tokiwa Shokai has been working to minimize the cost and flexibility of connecting manufacturers and retailers with maximum utilization of logistics know-how which it has accumulated in Tokyo since the second world war. We also focus on developing original products that are unique and different from other stores.

We are happy to offer reasonable prices of our products to retailers and customers. This is the strength of Tokiwa Shokai.

The store is not just a place to buy goods. It is a place for new encounters.

Tokiwa Shokai will continue to make stores "the best encounter place". As a general wholesale trading company, manufacturer and distributor, we connect all parties in the supply and distribution chain.

We propose
"the best encounter place"
Exciting Sales Floor

To make a store experience continually fun and exciting, the sales floor must change freely according to season and fashion. Tokiwa Shokai cooperates with its manufacturers, collects sales data and CM information, and constantly updates pricing and sales promotion information. In addition, we use different designers for products and create attractive promotional material that draws eye-catching attention.