Not for everyone, but for one customer.
We will make products with our full heart.

In recent years, new products are consumed frequently. People's values and customers’ consciousness have changed. It is meaningful to listen to the voice of a customer who says,"I wish there would be something like this ...".

Our strength is as a wholesale trading company that has been doing business for more than 50 years. We use a lot of information for product development. For example, seasonal information comes from various routes, such as manufacturers involved in product development, buyers with discretionary grasp of the trends, and retail stores that catch consumer reactions quickly. We use that knowledge and expertise to maximize our product development.

We listen to the smallest voice of our customers to understand consumer demand. Tokiwa Shokai’s goal is to enrich the lives of many people little by little.

The process of our product development
And then how they reach to the customers

Tokiwa Brand Products

We began developing products in-house as a planning and manufacturing wholesaler, including cosmetics.

Amino Master

Amino Acid Shampoo & Conditioner

Cool Shirt Shower

Cool Shirt Shower

feel a cool simply by spraying on clothes

Argan extract

O’LYSEE pure water

Pure and Beauty water without any impurities

Make Keep Spray

Make Keep Spray

Make-up can be kept for a long time

Final Deo

Final Deo

Horny care + deodorant= beautiful Skin and Body

T-Style Toothbrush

FaceShield & Sterilization Product

For clean and safe life